Warrior Women (and Men)

You read an earlier post that featured the Warrior bracelet I received from my cousin April. https://lindaedwardswriter.wordpress.com/2018/12/13/support-group/

She lives in another state and surprised me by sending an inspiring piece of jewelry that has become my daily wear for this journey. I’ve since come to learn I’m not the only one. My daughter. My sister. My brother. My mom. The bracelet keeps turning up.

Some are wearing it on their wrist. Some in their heart.

My tribe starts with my family and extends to friends, neighbors, church members, and coworkers. I know they have my back, just as I have had theirs. They’ve been with me since the beginning of this journey. Researching when I was waiting for test results. Praying. Helping me find a wig. Sending cards and texts. Chauffeuring and keeping me company at chemo. Checking in.

I have struggled with parts of this journey. But I am not alone.

And for that, I am grateful.

21 thoughts on “Warrior Women (and Men)

  1. Such a great picture of four strong, beautiful women .. sharing a journey that is serving to deepen and strengthen those bonds between you all .. ❤️ the brackets/clasped hands ❤️


  2. Struggling along the journey is so hard, and at the same time, reveals your bravery and humor and also how many people who love you are with you in the fight. We love you a whole lot. 🥰


  3. You truly are a warrior. A warrior with a great outlook on life. You are loved and I think of you often. Thanks for sharing your journey


  4. A wonderful picture…always thinking of you as you fight your way to recovery..and you will…
    Be as patient and kind to yourself as your are with others.!!!
    Thank you for sharing…♥️🙏


  5. Beautiful! And so cool. This bracelet says so much, and so does the photo. It’s good to see the heartfelt support you’re getting from all your family and friends. You’re in my thoughts. I wish you continued strength and succesful treatment!


  6. Hello beautiful, cousin, Warrior Princess.
    So very proud of you and your warring. And how much you are loved by many!

    The great and powerful Wizard of Oz reminded the Tin Man upon granting him a heart that, “a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.”

    And if that is true, and I believe it is (cause the Wizard is Oz knows all😊) then being loved by so many is evidence of being a wonderful person, daughter, wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, associate and Tribe member!!!

    I love you beautiful, cousin, Warrior Princess!
    Keep on warring, keep on being you!!!
    Prayers and love to you,
    April aka cousin Tribal member


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