Support group

Family who loves me. Now and always. Emails. Phone calls. A field trip to buy a wig. A bracelet that arrives in the mail. Church members who pray for me, extend themselves, inquire, and offer. Friends. Friends who I see once a week or once a year who drop off homemade cheesecakes and line up to drive me to chemo appointments. Work colleagues who care. Who ask me what’s next, leave articles in my mailbox, and tell me they are praying for me. An instructor and administrator in my MFA program who behave like human beings and understand what it means to be an adult learner. Classmates who giggle when I say I finally have something interesting to write about. Good insurance. Good insurance. Good insurance. Years of savings to pay for a cleaning service. prepared meals, and comfy new loungewear. Triathlon buddies who remind me I’m badass. I’ve got this.

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