Barber conversation


“So how many kids do you have?” he said, hardly cracking a smile. About halfway through buzzing my hair, my husband knew just the thing to lighten the mood.

In October, we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. There is not a day I don’t thank God for bringing this man into my life.

I did it. Well, Don did it.

And just like that, the agonizing is over. My hair is gone. I’m happy.

Yes, there were tears. It was emotional at first. But it quickly became freeing. I didn’t let cancer decide when I would lose all my hair.

Time to move on.

My new look.

40 thoughts on “Barber conversation

  1. I would shave my head in solidarity but I have the worst ears. Don is a keeper and I am so glad you have each other. Think of the savings in shampoo/conditioner!!!!!!! Proud of you and a little teary reading this….. ley’s Move Forward!

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  2. Being in a control has never been so inspiring…………….you have taken it to a higher level and with such grace…………..Your husband is amazing……..

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  3. Cougina Linda, beautiful, strong and timeless; your essence shines thru whether your wearing a stylish wig or your new sleek shaved scalp.
    Shine on Bella cougina!!!🌟😘


  4. I think you look fantastic in your wig! Can’t wait to learn of your name choice. My Emily has shaved her head twice, both times when she was feeling pretty down, but somehow it served to help her feel free in a way, and confident, and real. There’s something to be said for acknowledging the vulnerable feeling and then recognizing as it turns to a feeling of empowerment somehow! Maybe your wig name should be Wonder Woman!


    1. Thanks Carolyn. I decided to pause on the wig name for a bit. The last week or two has been pretty emotional. I’ve survived the first day walking into work, and now feel like everything else is cake. I do plan on revisiting the name though soon. There are some strong contenders. Mostly I’m very grateful that people care enough to be so thoughtful in their responses.


  5. Hey Cancer,
    Go F yourself!
    Your dealing with the wrong person here, our sister is a warrior!!
    Uncle Michael Motorcycle


  6. You are wise beyond your years in how to handle this. You and Don both rock! The wig looks great! Sending healing thoughts your way. You got this!


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